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In this story Alex told us, Berlin. Told the man because he's slimming action spray Fito Spray and the results are shared.

I want to share my story to lose weight. Maybe it helps someone.

My story is similar to many other. I've done sports all my life, and a man in form. Yet in the first grade my parents gave up on me Tae Kwon do, I became interested in high school, kick boxing, and left an old sport, although it is already within reach important dimensions. After school, mum insisted I went to university to learn law, but the only sports I've seen it myself – did not go to the Office don't even talk.

Olympic and professional sports date to school 4 married, what happened was probably the main reason I wanted to do after graduation went to work for the sporting career, the coach has a good fitness club. Getting paid good, had a family. There are different customers, but most of them, of course, there were people who are overweight. To them that I had set up a Special diet and exercise program, and achieve excellent results.

People on the streets that exactly when I saw it, I puzzled: why is that? They have a really nice view? Why they don't want to cope with this problem? Because to me, everything is quite simple: he came, dietitian, the military, a fitness room, a year and a half and brought figure. I didn't know then, pretty soon I see where I'm going to condemn people, but I give myself the answer to the question, why this, why now.

What can cause heavy suitable holiday without a job

Yet in this regard. I've worked hard, used to do on the weekend, just a great holiday, on this holiday and during the conversation couldn't be had from time to time exercise 5-6 days. But one day, just to get out of bed. This is a terrible a sense of helplessness and fear – no, no pain, but is not the only strength. A job for me, all were shocked by my lack, but even that I wanted to explain something to them. His wife, why they took me to the hospital in an ambulance, and then for diagnosis: endocrine system fault on the background of acute fatigue.

How каялся at that moment, desire to hear, and tear his own body, but this realization came too late. Recovered and sent home, and promise me a little hormone therapy is appointed, then the compensation will be fully restored my health. It would be like this and maybe if he did it, of not getting to return home with me a very strange thing: I felt pretty good, but the hall didn't want to go more, just lay on the sofa all day, and even going for a walk, there was a house not convinced about.

My wife is not such a trend team. He'd not only money, family, nothing else, to help him, and, look, people, time attendance ceiling – not fun staff. Finally just bought his wife, a kid, and left me. His depression also left, starting with stick and his pain and loneliness. It's been a year and a half to know what it's not – healthy, obese patient has turned into a strong man old man. Friends pull me I've tried, but that was useless. I understood that, everything will be fully capable individuals to self-stop eating and to start working in the hall. Most of them, I think there was a similar emotional state, only hinder them may vary.

Change for the better

One day my daughter came to visit me, he brought me Fito Spray (ex-wife decided to buy) told me, at least I tried. An appearance he did what he did, but that won't matter, even to do such a thing to help, for yourself, what began to cry. Then I got a shock like me – I began to realize that it is not the pleasure of her desperation, all the people I'm going to hurt her she loved me. And even this little girl suffer, I don't want to click them a spray bottle several times a day. His tears made me like him sober and decided to try.

This spray is really me a second life, thanks to him I lack desire, constantly chewing something. Then I no longer want food that I ate before, and all the scones, pastries, fried dumplings and potato Heavy Steel stomach and taste bad. Such a change would help me to reduce power, fat mass, this, in turn, gave consent, and healthy desire you again. Slowly started to walk again, the gym, of course, like a coach, how a customer. Continue to enjoy all this time Fito Spraywhat helped me stick to the diet program, myself, and most importantly for me, it's not easy in the evening.

Spray Phyto user experience

Overall a very fast way back in shape, weight 57 kg and I did it for almost six months! Hormonal therapy was canceled, his wife returned with the child, and a life I can live again. Now I understand better the customers, therefore, are made some fixes that improved the program me, weight watchers. Now more attention уделяю full psycho-emotional, dealing with customers, and, of course, recommended to spray them Fito Spray.